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          Company profile

          Sichuan Deebio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in March of 2011, which is located in Xiaohan Town, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province. In Oct. of 2011, Deebio took over the entire Sichuan Deyang Biochemical Products Co., Ltd. We have established a strict QA system and have successfully passed the Chinese GMP and Europe GMP certification.
          Sichuan Deebio is a professional bio-extracts API manufacturer. We always put market at the frist place and explore both the domestic and global markets. With sufficient raw materials in China, we developed series of animal organ extracts, such as Trypsin-Chymotrypsin, Chymotrypsin, Trypsin, Kallidinogenase, Pepsin, Elastase, Heparin Sodium, Cytochrome C, Heme Iron, Bovine Liver Extract, Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium, etc. We have already established stable and long term cooperation with the customers all around the world and our products are well sold in USA, Germany, Japan, South Korean, India, Russia and other countries and areas.

          Company culture

          Company culture

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